LCD Repair

If you have a broken or problematic laptop LCD screen, don’t jump on ebay and sell your laptop for considerably less than it’s worth. We can repair or replace your laptop LCD screen and return it to that fresh, crisp out-of-the-box look.

We service many brands and models including Toshiba, Dell, HP, Acer, Asus, Gateway, Sony, Compaq.

Some examples of LCD problems:

I smashed my LCD screen by accident (both internal and external cracks)
Screen is completely black
Screen is very dim (this is an inverter board problem, cheaper fix)
Screen is distorted flickers or jumps
I see weird dead pixels on my LCD Vertical or horizontal bar across my screen
I spilled water on my LCD (Don’t ask – Don’t tell)

You can purchase the part online yourself and bring the machine to us for installation or if you are unsure of which LCD to purchase, we can order the part for you.

How do I know my LCD Screen Size?
LCD screens are measured diagonally. The picture below depicts few standard screen sizes.

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